Talking Therapies Clinical Skills: Birth Trauma

Talking Therapies Clinical Skills: Birth Trauma
Online Course
Wed 7 Feb 2024

This one-day skills training day helped attendees to navigate the challenges of perinatal trauma, ensuring that they are prepared to deliver appropriate, effective and client-driven interventions. From getting to grips with the basics of birth trauma to improving intervention strategies, this was an unmissable opportunity to develop and refine your therapeutic skills.

With fresh ideas to innovate approaches to evidence-based interventions, attendees specifically focused on:

  • Understanding birth related PTSD: investigating the key factors that cause PTSD
  • Improving informed CBT therapy: developing assessment criteria and trauma processing strategies
  • Advancing your approaches to tokophobia: understanding the risk factors
  • Developing practical ways to adapt your practice within the perinatal period; by holding in mind the parent-infant relationship

Developed with convenience in mind

Attendees were able to acquire valuable techniques and fresh skills to incorporate into their daily work routines, all from the convenience of their own home or office, thanks to the convenient and remote access provided by this online course. The day included:

  • Evidenced based examples and referrals
  • Interactive presentations
  • Closed room discussions
  • An agreed action plan

Join, tech support and opportunity to network in your meeting room
Workshop leader opening remarks and introduction of attendees
Dr Amber Sedgfield, Clinical Psychologist, Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust
An introduction to birth trauma and PTSD
What is birth trauma? Exploring incidence and risk factors
  • What makes perinatal PTSD different?
  • Understanding the perceptual factors and obstetric factors that cause PTSD
  • Good practice guidance for trauma informed maternity care to reduce incidences of birth trauma
Screen break
CBT therapy for birth trauma
Expanding on CBT therapy for birth trauma
  • Exploring what assessment sessions include, resource building and trauma processing
  • Perinatal adapted assessment, risk assessment and formulation
  • Creating therapeutic plans for when processing does not work
Morning question and answer session
Interactive activity: Using the 5 P’s model, what is your formulation of the case study of Cathy?
Lunch break
Interactive activity feedback: Using the 5 P’s model, what is your formulation of the case study of Cathy?
CBT therapy in practice
Understanding and working with tokophobia to deliver patient centered care
  • Psychoeducation
  • Resource building and stabilisation
  • Trauma processing interventions and interventions for when processing does not work
Screen break
Brief introduction to Tokophobia
  • Assessment, formulation and risk
Prevention of birth trauma
  • Trauma informed care in maternity
  • Collaboratively developed psychologically informed birth preferences letters with patients
Afternoon questions and answer session
Close of workshop

We were pleased to welcome as the course leader Amber Sedgfield who brought a wealth of experience and expertise

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Dr Amber Sedgfield

Clinical Psychologist
Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust

A one day course dedicated to developing implementable skills

This one day course brought together a whole range of professionals for learning and networking. Attendees included the likes of CBT's, Psychologist's, Therapist's and PWP's.

Here are just some comments from attendees on the day

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Extremely relevant and very helpful
- Wellbeing | Norfolk and Suffolk NHS
quote icon
Very well presented delving into a lot of subjects within a complex topic
- Pneuma Healthcare
quote icon
Very well organised, the content covered what I was expecting, the number of participants enabled good interaction
quote icon
Helpful protected spaced to think about perinatal work and adaptations for work
- NSFT Wellbeing
quote icon
Very good presenters, great content
- Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust
quote icon
Really helpful space to think about EMDR and CBT and adaptations for perinatal work
- NSFT Wellbeing

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