About us

About Talking Therapies National Networking Forums

SBK Healthcare ran its first IAPT conference back in 2012 titled 'Evolving your IAPT Service.' Since then, we have produced and run educational conferences and courses designed to support IAPT and Talking Therapy professionals as the service has grown and developed. 

Since 2012, Talking Therapies National Networking Forums, previously known as IAPT National Networking Forums has run over 100 conferences, online forums and webinars. Each event has played a pivotal role in driving forward IAPT and Talking Therapy professionals to engage with emerging technologies, strengthen their clinical skills and improve client interventions.

We pride ourselves in offering quality content and bringing trail-blazing people and organisations that have pioneered innovative services or products to share their experiences with you. The resulting webinars, online forums, face-to-face conferences and workshops are designed to help you both in your day-to-day work and enable you to harness emerging Talking Therapy developments. Our aim is to supply you with thought provoking and stimulating, educational opportunities to enable you to deliver the best care to your patients.

Who we are

Talking Therapies National Networking Forums are delivered by SBK Healthcare, who have been developing and delivering high quality face-to-face conferences, innovative workshops and online courses across many clinical areas in the NHS since 2006. We are a small, friendly organisation that focuses on teamwork to meet your needs and exceed your expectations at our healthcare forums, and whenever you come into contact with us.

By providing useful and informative online and face-to-face conferences, we aim to deliver an excellent service to all our customers before, after and during the event.

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