Privacy notice

What information is being collected?

Your name, job title, organisation, address, email address and telephone number are collected and maintained on our database. We then add in coding to specify which events/areas are of interest and what contact we have had with you.

Who is collecting it?

SBK Healthcare is a small business that delivers online and face to face conferences, workshops and webinars aimed at NHS and public sector audiences. Talking Therapies National Networking Forums operate under the SBK Healthcare and National Networking Forum brands, and are supported by associations as well as commercial exhibitors and sponsors.

How is it collected?

Everyone who enquires, requests a brochure, reserves or books a place at an event with us either online, by email, phone or post will be added to our database. In addition, we collect contact information via telephone and internet research to increase our reach into new areas. Your details are maintained on a secure database.

Why is it being collected?

Data is collected to enable SBK Healthcare to process your requests, manage your attendance (when you book), personalise your professional interests and send you details of future events that we are planning. We are always looking to build our reach and will send information about new events to both people who have contacted us and new people whom we have researched.

How will it be used?

Emails are sent and telephone calls made to market our events as well as researching potential conferences and progressing attendance or potential attendance. SBK Healthcare also mails individuals by post with information about future events. Your information is disclosed to the service providers when we appoint them to complete these activities on our behalf.

Who will it be shared with?

At SBK Healthcare we will only share your name, job title and organisation if you have booked to attend an event. For face to face events, these details will be displayed on your badge and on a list at the conference for all attendees to view. When the forum has exhibitors or sponsors, the list will also be shared with them. You will be given the opportunity to opt in and share your contact details with the sponsors on the day. You can opt out of this at anytime. 

What if you don’t want us to contact you?

SBK Healthcare can update and amend your data to indicate how you prefer to be contacted or if you do not want to be contacted at all. This way we will follow your preferences or not contact you again in the future. Alternatively we can completely remove your details from the SBK Healthcare database, but you may be contacted again if your details get re-added through one of our data collection processes.

How to change your status on our database or remove your details?

Please click on your preference and send your name, job title and organisation (so we can identify you):