Are you looking to fufil your potential in a special team?

SBK Healthcare are proud to be a team of highly professional, talented individuals who work together in order to create a range of unique, online and face-to-face conferences, forums, workshops and webinars for the NHS. Collectively we care about the welfare of our colleagues, speakers, attendees and sponsors, and are confident in the service we provide. We are a flexible team enabling us to react to the climate of the time, which makes this a fast paced, dynamic workplace, one we are very proud of.

Working at SBK Healthcare can be both demanding but also incredibly satisfying

Everyone working at SBK Healthcare has their own responsibilities but we work as a collective, with every individual working to a common goal. Created by the conference producer, supported by the marketing team and delegate care, promoted by social media and sponsorship, fulfilled by operations and customer service, and finally, closed by finance – our events are nurtured by all.

What are the key qualities of a conference producer?

  • Communication and interpersonal skills: a conference producer will deal with a variety of people on a daily basis, making each day different to the next. With professional communication, the ability to actively listen, the skills to carefully negotiate and navigate challenges sensitively and confidently are all key attributes of a successful conference producer.
  • Interest in research: this key stage in conference production requires you to be able to harvest information from a wide variety of resources including researching with potential attendees to understand their specific requirements. You will have to interpret what you discover, transforming your new found knowledge into an interesting, informative, educational course.
  • Excellent time management and organisation: the ability to multi task and work to tight deadlines are central skills to conference production. You will have to be able to demonstrate the ability to work in a calm and timely manner despite juggling a number of different tasks all demanding your attention.
  • Commercial acumen: understand your audience, their needs and their access to the budgets that will enable them to attend your course. Plus, you'll need to have a solid grasp on the cost implications of your topic areas in order to ensure the profitability of your event.
  • Creative and accurate copy writing: producers write conference programmes and all promotional material, so writing with accuracy, conviction and flair is a must. Original thinking and the ability to reflect the needs of the audience will ensure a successful conference.

What are the key qualities of an event organiser?

  • Attention to detail: an eye for accuracy is essential for an organiser, you need to be able to spot the small stuff as well as always having your eye on the bigger picture. From creating the delegate packs to building the webinars, supporting speakers and post event paperwork, you'll need to understand the intricacies of every aspect of the event you are working on.
  • Excellent communication skills: organisers are responsible for bringing all the key players together on the day; speakers, attendees, sponsors and staff. Focus on clear, concise and consistent communication in the run up is vital.
  • Initiative and ideas: it is a live event so anything can happen! Both on the day and in the office, organisers need to have their eyes and ears open for opportunities and challenges, able to predict what will happen and be ahead of the game.
  • A positive attitude: impeccable team work is an absolute must in any conference organiser – with not only the responsibility of organising your own events but also supporting the rest of the team around you in their day-to-day challenges. In order to achieve real success in this role you'll need to be driven by delivering exceptional customer service to everyone and you'll need to demonstrate real care and support for your colleagues too.
  • Aptitude for technology: running events both face-to-face and online requires a certain reliance on technology and so demonstrating an interest in online communications and a being able to demonstrate a proactive approach to the challenges that technology can present are important qualities when delivering forums.

What are the key qualities of a customer service representative?

  • Excellent communication skills: demonstrating confidence on the telephone is a real asset for our customer service colleagues, taking enjoyment from speaking to people and building relationships is vital to promote our courses and gather information about the market.
  • Motivated, enthusiastic and full of energy: your ability to engage with potential attendees, speakers and other members of the team will influence the whole team dynamic. The role of the customer service team is at the heart of everything we do and directly impacts on the energy across the office. If you are having a good day, it influences us all! 
  • Reliable and accurate: information is so important in our business and accurate data input is vital to ensuring the success of what we do. You are a direct point of contact for all of our attendees and so its important you deliver on what you have agreed to do, ensuring you are a trusted team member.
  • Multi-tasking and well organised: as a member of the customer service team, you will be responsible for managing your own time and workload but also ensuring you are flexible in your office duties and be able to work under pressure as event deadlines cannot be moved.

Current opportunities at SBK Healthcare

Even if we are not actively recruiting, but you think you'd be a great fit for one of the roles above then we'd like to hear from you. Please do send your CV along with a covering letter to Sarah Kemm and we will always respond to you.